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Here and There

  Here’s a quote from Silver Winters’ review of The Man of Her Dreams over at Paranormal Romance:   A fantastic blend of fantasy and shifter with fairy-tale elements, this story opens with Megan having [a]nightmare of [a] dangerous stallion … Continue reading

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A Word About Fairy Tales

  Please join me over at Leah Braemel’s blog today where I’m discussing: Fairy Tales and Romance.   And Happy Birthday to Leah—thanks for letting me join in the celebrations over at “your place.” J

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Meteor: Truth or Dare

  Check out my latest Disaster Movie article called: Disaster Movies Revisited: How much is too much? But while Hollywood seems enamoured with space rocks hurtling toward earth, just how realistic is this disaster? I did a quick internet search—here’s … Continue reading

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Disaster Movies: How Much is Too Much?

Did you catch Meteor: Path to Destruction, the recent two-part NBC movie?   Like the 1979 movie of the (nearly) same name, the big rock (okay, in this movie there are 2 big rocks and a whole lot of “little” … Continue reading

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Inteviewed…It’s Confirmed

  Sorry—the schedule is obviously muddled, so those of you who checked here earlier, while I was out having breakfast with a writing friend, didn’t find my interview at the link I’d given But now it is up, so please … Continue reading

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Finding Inspiration

  This is, I think, one of the most common questions asked of writers.   As an author it’s a difficult question to answer because I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. My brain latches onto an idea and takes off with it. … Continue reading

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Geographic Extremes

  This past weekend, I had an opportunity to check another “been there, done that” off my list. I visited Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, which is near Windsor, Ontario and hiked to the southernmost point on mainland Canada. … Continue reading

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The Big 5

  What do you think of when someone says “The Big 5”?   What about the Big 5 Major Film Studios of the 1920s? As a film buff—the older the better—I remember movies I’ve seen from all 5 of the … Continue reading

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The Big 5: Personality Dimensions

As an author, personality fascinates me. I usually start by identifying a “generic” archetype for my main characters—and even major secondary characters. But then it’s up to me to fill in the blanks that make that character more identifiable. In … Continue reading

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I’m Guest Blogging, Again

    My author interview with Vivi Andrews, another Shifting Dreams author, is up on her blog.   Learn more about The Man of Her Dreams and how I write. J

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